Zoonicorn Costume

Zoonicorn craft for Halloween - a DIY Zoonicorn Halloween Costume!

Zoonicorn Costume

This Zooni-Craft will make a great DIY Halloween Costume.
To make this Zoonicorn costume you will need:

~ Thick white foam sheet
~ Glitter
~ Pink and yellow tulle

~ Pink felt

~ White card stock

~ Pink satin

~ Hairband

~ Tissue paper

~ Mod podge and glue

~ Hot glue gun

~ Scissors

~ Printable Zoonicorn template for ears

~ Facepaint


Print the template file and cut out the shapes. You will use them as a pattern for tracing.

Outer Ears

Trace the outer ears onto a thick white foam sheet from the craft store. Before you cut them out, you may need to make adjustments to the bottom curved line to make sure that they will fit snuggly on the curve of your hairband. Cut them out.

Inner Ears

Make the same adjustments to the bottom of the inner ears before you trace them onto pink felt (or pink paper). Cut them out, then decorate them with glitter.


Glue the pink felt to the white ears. Be sure to line up the bottoms (see image in the template download).



Form paper into a cone shape; secure it with tape.

Cut a circle from thick card stock to make the bottom of the cone.
Using a hot glue gun, attach the circle to the bottom of the cone.

Cut pink satin and wrap it firmly around the cone and tuck it under the bottom.
Glue the vertical seam along the back of the horn.

Starting at the base of the horn, wrap yellow tulle multiple times around the base. Glue in back.

Next wrap pink tulle multiple times around the middle section to the top of the horn. Glue in back.

Cut and glue a piece of think felt to the cardstock bottom of the horn, tucking and gluing to finish it.

Brush Mod Podge onto the yellow tulle and sprinkle with yellow glitter and let dry.
Next brush Mod Podge onto the pink tulle and sprinkle pink glitter and let dry.
Then lightly brush the top section of satin with glitter and let dry.

Cut a pink felt triangle shape that will fit your child's headband and forehead.
Once you've adjusted and tried it on, hot glue the felt to the center-front of the headband.
Make sure it is centered!

Next hot glue the horn to the top of the headband and secure the edges to the triangle to give it support to stand up.

Finishing touches:

Hot glue the finished ears to the headband.

Lastly, use face paint around the eyes and cheeks to look just like Aliel!