Meet the characters from our magical Zooniverse…

Zoonicorns inhabit the dreams of young animals, taking them on amazing adventures to help learn
important social-emotional skills with a focus on optimism, determination and resilience.


Aliel the Zoonicorn is a bubbly spark of endless energy, always ready to get things done and help others. She is an explorer by nature, igniting adventures for everyone. Aliel can be a bit impatient, but she’s a force to be reckoned with, especially with the support of the Zoonicorns behind her. Her talkative, fun-loving self is eager to discover every nook and cranny of the Zooniverse!


Valeo the Zoonicorn is athletic and strong, a natural born leader. He approaches life with gusto and confidence. Valeo is flexible and doesn’t let the little things don’t bother him. He is always willing to help those in need and his loyalty and bravery can see him through almost any situation. Though Valeo can be very competitive and try to solve problems first with his brawn.


Ene the Zoonicorn is a shy, techie-kid who is always willing to use his skills to help his friends. He is analytical and loves to figure out the solution to any problem with his computer-friend Iris. Ene can be a little timid, except when explaining something in detail. He is always determined to take action to get the job done, while at the same time being caring and supportive.


Promi the Zoonicorn is wise beyond her years. Kind and understanding, Promi is cautious and has sage insights to share with the other Zoonicorns. She likes to use her artistic and creative talents when planning events, offering advice and helping friends. Promi finds beauty in everything in the Zooniverse, and while she’s extremely patient, she really likes to do things in her own way.


Pancake is an otter, whose wonderfully offbeat mix of mellow and spunk sets him apart. He’s an idealistic daydreamer, who is also determined as all get out! Lovable and goofy, Pancake is totally bright and cooperative. He and Maple, live next door to their friend Odessa. Like any other typical preschool-kid, Pancake loves to take action and he can be a bit impatient at times.


Maple is Pancake’s adorable little sister, and like most younger siblings she wants to play with the older kids but doesn’t always know how. She is a happy, sweet, and fun-loving otter who loves helping, even if her assistance doesn’t always work out so well. Maple has big thoughts, but her vocabulary hasn’t quite caught up with all her ideas yet!


With long legs for running and a wingspan that’s as dramatic as it is wide, Odessa is an ostrich with a lot of flair. Odessa is a natural leader and loves to perform. She is very intelligent and thinks things through, and then over-thinks them. A bit of a worrier, Odessa is known to get flustered and embarrassed, but she’s super fun to have around.


Pancake and Maple’s Mama pretty much has it all going for her. She’s helpful, giving, tender, loving, thoughtful and patient as can be, while guiding her kids through some of life’s not-so-fun lessons. Mama is the kind of mother you KNOW deserves awards, yet she’s happy being your confidant and receiving a big hug as her treasured thank you.


Harold the bear is big as a grizzly, but gentle as a teddy. He’s a helpful friend to all who live in or visit the Zooniverse, and his size makes him super strong and handy to have around. He tends to appear when needed and is never intrusive, despite his size. Harold is known throughout the Zooniverse for his extensive and outrageous spoon collection: spoons for decorating, music, sleeping and of course, eating.