Zoonicorn FAQs

What is Zoonicorn?

Zoonicorn is a new television series for preschoolers. The four Zoonicorn characters are a magical mix of unicorns and zebras who live in the Zooniverse, an enchanted dreamland – the dreams of children being the one place parents cannot reach to protect their kids. In each episode, the Zoonicorns guide friends through a whirlwind of exciting adventures.

These are the Zoonicorn characters:

  • Valeo – Athletic, strong, confident and courageous
  • Promi – Wise, caring and a super-planner
  • Aliel – Bubbly, optimistic and ready for anything
  • Ene – Shy, analytical and a tech whiz

What happens in the Zoonicorn stories?

Woven throughout all Zoonicorn episodes is a message of optimism, persistence and resilience. In every episode, the Zoonicorns find a young animal facing a challenge. The Zoonicorns and the animal work through the problem together. Children see that working with others involves discovering things about yourself, discovering things about others, and coming together to work towards a common goal. Regardless of the goal or any obstacles in their way, it is possible to achieve their dreams.  

What are the development/curriculum goals for Zoonicorn?

Zoonicorn was developed with entertainment and an educational focus. The series tackles social-emotional obstacles young children encounter. Our curriculum was developed by Natascha Crandall, Ph.D. who, as a specialist in children’s media, has consulted on many popular educational programs. The Zoonicorns are not superheroes – they are your typical preschoolers. They do not always listen to others, they struggle with sharing, they get shy in front of others and they make mistakes. However, they are also the ones who are tasked with helping out other animals. The show demonstrates social-emotional learnings in each episode.

To learn more about our curriculum goals, click here.

Who came up with the idea for Zoonicorn?

Zoonicorn was created by entrepreneur Mark Lubratt, who had the idea for really cute zebra-unicorn characters for preschoolers. It was the inspiration of his mentor Amar Bose, the entrepreneur, academic and founder of Bose Corporation, that brought the idea of the Zoonicorns to life. Mark has always believed in the power of optimism, determination and resilience; values Bose helped to instill in him. Mark feels strongly that children should start internalizing these positive attributes at a young age to help them with their social emotional growth. He set about creating engaging and entertaining stories with cute and relatable characters, infused with this empowering message. And, with determination and resilience, Zoonicorn was born!

What age is Zoonicorn meant for?

The primary target age for Zoonicorn is 2-6.

Where can I watch Zoonicorn now?

We have more than five channels available in the US, just click here. And click here if you want to know where we are available around the world. You can also watch our music videos anytime on our Official YouTube Channel.

How do I get Zoonicorn products? What is available?

You will find an assortment of Zoonicorn apparel in our store and more licensed Zoonicorn merch here.

Keep coming back, as we have new Zoonicorn products coming all the time!

Is my child safe on the Zoonicorn website?

The Zoonicorn website is COPPA compliant. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a law passed by the U.S. Congress in 1998 to specifically protect the privacy of children under the age of 13 by requesting parental consent for the collection or use of any personal information of Web site users. We do not collect any personal data on this web site.

In addition, to help protect your children, we suggest that you take the following precautions to stay safe while on the Internet:

    • Advise them to never give out personal information, such as their real name, age, location, phone number or school.
    • Ask them to tell you if someone says or does something on the Internet that makes them feel uncomfortable, or if someone asks for their personal information.
    • Change your internet security settings on your computer to prevent your children from viewing unsuitable content. When they are searching the internet, another measure is for them to use the safe search facility available on most good search engines.

If you do not have a firewall or security software for your computer, we strongly recommend you look into this as an option. Stick to these rules and you’re more likely to have a positive experience online!

If you are concerned about any aspect of the website, then please do not hesitate to contact us at: support@zoonicorn.com.