What began as a unique idea for a children's story soon flourished into a limitless dreamland of mythical creatures who create an environment in which social and emotional learning become the main themes. Through collaborative problem-solving the Zoonicorns promote and empower children to be more confident and better equips them with critical thinking and decision skills. 

Zoonicorns are magical creatures that inhabit the dreams of young animals facing challenges relatable for children ages two through six. Part zebra, part unicorn, the Zoonicorns take their young animal friends on amazing adventures where they learn skills to overcome their fears and adversity they face on a daily basis. Once the dream has commenced, the young animal wakes up feeling confident and empowered to overcome the challenge that once plagued them. Each episode and story book offers valuable lessons and words of encouragement for children to learn and grow. 

Follow the Zoonicorns - Valeo, Aliel, Promithea and Ene as they journey through everyday adventures, helping fellow creatures navigate obstacles that come their way. Zoonicorn offers an animated youtube series, educational mobile apps, books, plush toys, a Kids Zone and much more.