Zoonicorn on the Big Screen

Zoonicorn on the Big Screen

Edel Kids, a German children's entertainment label successfully represented in the market for 25 years, is launching Zoonicorn with a theatrical release of 8 back-to-back episodes in Germany and Austria later this month, on April 25th, 2024. This event will take place in more than 400 theaters during a family time slot.

We love the episodes they chose to screen - see them below!


The Dark Side of the Sun - When the sun goes out in the Zooniverse, Pancake helps Ene replace the sun’s bulb and learns to not be afraid of the dark. He shares, “Let your imagination think happy things, not scary things.”

Lend a Helping Stare - Odessa gets into a staring contest with the Stareoffolous and needs to ask for help. When she refuses to ask for help, things just get harder for her. Odessa learns sometimes you need to think about what help you need to get to the next step, and then ask for that help.

Banding Together - When Maple joins the Zoonicorns’ band, her off-kilter playing disrupts the entire Zooniverse, until she learns to practice with her friends and follow instructions. Maple gets to see how working together and not giving up can make the world bloom, literally!

The Lost Lagoon - After spilling juice on a blanket and not fessing up, Odessa feels guilty. In the Zooniverse, she offers to lead her friends to a lagoon to watch the annual butterfly dance, but again doesn’t speak up when she loses the map. After telling the truth, she is able to have fun with her friends and do the same the next morning. Odessa learned to  never give up, try your hardest, and always tell the truth.

Burping Boulders - Afraid of the loud thunder in the waking world, Maple discovers in the Zooniverse that Ene fears something too - the mysterious and loud burping boulders. Together they go on a journey determined to face their fears - and find fun and friendship along the way. With persistence, you can overcome your fears… and sharing your feelings is the start of the solution.

Harold’s Missing Spoon - On a gusty day, Pancake has lost his favorite hat, and he’s looked EVERYWHERE, finally giving up and thinking maybe his little sister, Maple, snatched it. The younger otter denies it (despite a history of “borrowing” stuff from Pancake and not putting any of it away). Pancake practices retracing his steps to help Harold find his missing spoons in the Zooniverse and wakes up to find his hat as well. He learns that it is best to figure things out with persistence rather than guessing or jumping to conclusions.

Paint it Back - Odessa gets angry when her chalk drawing is ruined by a rainstorm. In the Zooniverse, she discovers that all of the colors have drained away, and she and the Zoonicorns must “paint” the hues back. In the process, she discovers methods to manage her anger and frustration in a positive manner.

Knot My Problem - Maple keeps forgetting how to tie her shoes until Promi shows her a way to remember with a rhyme. With practice and perseverance, she learns to tie her shoes herself.

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