Meet the Creator of Zoonicorn - Mark Lubratt

Meet the Creator of Zoonicorn - Mark Lubratt

Creator Mark Lubratt can trace his inspiration for Zoonicorn all the way back to his days at MIT, when he was fortunate enough to be mentored by Bose Corporation founder Amar Gopal Bose. As a senior in Mechanical Engineering, Mark took Bose’s acoustics class; and then went on to be a part of the class’s teaching staff for 2 years. 

“Amar Bose was a firm believer that everyone is capable of doing extraordinary things,” Mark recalls. “That simple belief had a profound impact on me and has stayed with me throughout my life.” 

The Zoonicorns’ core message of optimism, persistence and resilience communicates self belief and positivity. The Zoonicorns themselves are not superheroes; they can’t do everything but they are learning at every stage. 

“When we started Zoonicorn, I wanted to find a way to reach kids with this powerful message. Once I hit upon the concept of Zoonicorn, the characters and the stories came to life,” Mark recalls. “I began to see how they would look, feel and act. By combining fun, engaging children’s characters with this educational philosophy, and placing it all in a spectacular, adventurous world, we’ve created a place where children can learn to feel empowered and believe in themselves.” 

“We wanted to make the characters relatable so that children can easily learn from them,” he concludes. “We’ve worked to present our core characteristics in a way that makes sense to kids. My greatest joy is when I hear from parents that their children are more confident and independent after watching Zoonicorn. I feel like we’re achieving exactly what we set out to do.”

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