Zoonicorn Animated Short Videos For Children

Zoonicorn craft for Halloween - Make a Zoonicorn Pumpkin!

Zoonicorn Animated Short Videos For Children

Zoonicorn Pumpkin

This Zooni-Craft will make a great DIY Halloween Decoration.
To make this Zoonicorn Pumpkin you will need:

~ 10" white craft pumpkin
~ Printable template
~ Air dry clay

~ 1 white foam sheet

~ 2 blue foam sheet

~ 1 thick white sheet

~ Black marker

~ Paint: yellow, white, blue, gray

~ Paintbrush

~ Scissors

~ Glue

~ Hot Glue Gun

~ Mod Podge

~ Glitter

~ Pencil

~ Clear coat acrylic spray

Begin with a 10" carvable white pumpkin. If you can't find a white one, just brush or spray paint it white. Print the downloadable template and cut out all of the shapes.


Using air dry clay, form the horn around the stem and shape it into a cone shaped horn. Gently lift the clay horn off and set it aside to dry overnight. The next day, paint the horn yellow and blend it into blues as you move upward. The top of the horn will be solid blue. After the paint dries, brush the horn with Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter. Set aside.


Trace the large ears onto a thick white foam sheet and cut them out. Trace the inside ears onto a blue foam sheet. Cut them out, brush them with Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter. Glue the inside to the outside ears and set them aside.


Trace the eyes onto a white foam sheet and cut them out. Paint and glitter the blue eyes. Color black pupil with marker. Leave the white crescent unpainted or paint white. Outline the edges of the eye with black. Set the finished eyes aside.

Face Stripes

Cut the stripes and eybrows out of blue foam sheet. Decorate with glitter. Set aside.

Spray all pieces with clear coat acrylic spray, which will keep the glitter from coming off.


Using the photo as a guide, free hand draw all of the stripes around the pumpkin and paint them blue. Paint the large center stripe on top of the pumpkin with crescent stripes on either side. Brush Mod Podge on blue stripes and decorate with glitter. Spray the entire pumpkin with clear coat acrylic spray.


Glue the eyebrows, face stripes and eyes onto the pumpkin.
Paint the nose muzzle light gray. Draw on the nostril crescent and smile with black marker.


Use a hot glue gun to attach the horn, ears and mane. Create the mane from blue foam sheet, or use another material of your choosing. Spray the finished pumpkin one more time with clear coat acrylic spry.