The Zooniverse is the magical dreamland where the Zoonicorns join their friends for a whirlwind of exciting adventures


A bubbly spark of endless energy, Aliel is always ready to get things done and help others!


Athletic and strong, Valeo approaches life with gusto and confidence. He’s loyal, flexible and little things don’t bother him!


A crazy-cool tech whiz, Ene is analytical he loves to figure out the solution to any problem!


Patient, kind and a super-planner, Promi is a wise and caring friend who finds beauty in everything she sees!

Meet our



A natural born leader, Odessa the ostrich has a lot of curiosity and a dramatic flair!



Pancake’s little sister, Maple is a high-spirited mischief maker who loves her brother and loves driving him crazy!



A mellow yet enthusiastic five-year old otter who loves to play, Pancake is athletic, lovable and inquisitive!